Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mumford and Sons + Maggie!

Going to quick fit in a blog before Maggie and I are off for our week adventure to York, Edinburgh, Dublin and Galway. Maggie's flight in on Friday went well! So proud and grateful she made her way over here.

As many of you know (since I tend not to hide it) I have a slightly large love for the band Mumford and Sons. And actually purchased my tickets to their show in Manchester before even purchasing my plane tickets to England. 

Once getting into the Apollo theater last night we attempted to get into the standing room only by following some people we met in line. The guard at the door didnt seem too fond of our idea so we abided and found our seats on the second level. The concert would have been great from there too but we wanted to see their faces and had gotten there so early had the opportunity to get good standing places. So we walked down to the bathroom on the first floor mostly hoping to spot people who looked like sitting seats would be more appealing. The first few didn't want to trade but in a last attempt I visited the beer line, asked an older couple and to my surprise they quite liked the idea. We traded and I can't imagine the concert without the spots we had. We were able to watch Johnny Flynn (the opener) and Mumford and Sons in all their amazing banjo, accordian, mandeline glory from five heads away. I think Ben the accordian/piano player and I should probably meet and fall in love. Hope the concert can be inbedded in my head for awhile. Their spiritual lyrics seem to be continued out into the new set of songs we heard. Looking forward to the next album.

It was a great way to quick start this week. Today we are off to York by train, Scotland by train tomorrow and fly to Ireland after that. Everything has gone smoothly so we are ready for that surprise speed bump! But I guess that is just part of the fun.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Danielle. I am so happy you got to see them perform. They are quite magical. Best concert I've ever been. Know what else is magical? You. Miss you kiddo and hope you are well!