Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And Then There is School

Universities are very different here: pubs in the student union, three year study programs instead of 4, courses that only meet once a week. I would say they take a more laid back approach and I am not going to complain. We are just all signing up for courses this week. It looks like I'll be getting into the ones I want but still I have yet to know exactly what the next semester will look like class wise and its almost October!

Today students in the Histoy of Art and Design program split into groups for a walking tour activity. And by the end of the day the instructors took us to the tallest building in Manchester to get a skyline view of the city. I have enjoyed their approach to teacing so far. They are far from intimidating and actually quite interesting to listen to, maybe it`s their accents.

Michael, one of the instructors (they dont call them professors here) talked about how our time at uni (which is what they all call a university) is the opportunity to "make our own bag of tricks" for when getting into the work field. I like how he chose to put that. We pick the electives we want to take to point us in a certain direction in our field. I am grateful to be able to put everything learned at this English university in my bag of tricks per say.

So much can be said about understanding the history of anything. And for artists it is important to see how solutions were solved in the past to better solve the ones we are dealing with in the present. I look forward to their teaching styles at this uni and diving into a subjects I find quite fasciniating. Critical thinking, essays, visiting museums and reading are on the agenda. A break from using the computer will be nice.

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