Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poo On a Silver Platter

I couldnt help but blush and laugh when my lamb kabob was served to me last night. And everyone else couldn't help but laugh at my reaction. Two large wrinkly, brown poo looking tubes were placed in front of me on a silver platter. Not what I was expecting! I found it didnt taste any better than it appeared. But I was glad to have tried it non-the-less.

Many countries were represented by the twenty or so students sitting around the table at this Indian restaurant. Swedan, Holland, Czech Republic, Greece, Saudia Arabia, England and the US were among them. It was nice to go out with such a random combobulation of people. Many of our conversations so far have consisted of comparing the lives we live back home. All are residents at Hartley Hall. The buses were mostly full at this time so we did a lot of walking instead. We made our way to the "Curry Mile" which Manchester is famous for. It is located on Wislow road and has several Asian restaurants as well as Shisha bars. This was my first taste of it.

Our group split off after diner and a few girls and I opted to attempt catching the last bus to Whalley Range for the night so we could save money by avoiding paying for a taxi fare. Running was involved and I couldn`t help but laugh the entire time. What a sight we must have been. But we made it!

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  1. Danielle - I love reading your blogs. Keep it up. What an amazing experience!!!! Love you!