Friday, September 24, 2010

Pringles and Wine

When Simon, a professor (or tutor as they call it here) walked up the stairs with grocery bags filled with pringles and bottles of wine I couldn't help but smile. O how they do school differently over here. I just attended a little social event the tutors of the history of art and design department put on. It consisted of mingling with some faculty and second and first year students.  This would never happen back at SDSU, well at least with the pairing of wine and pringles (pringles of all things)! People have been genuinly nice and helpful over here and the faculty seem to really care about providing students wtih worth while encounters. A day trip to Liverpool and four day trip to London are on the agenda for the department this semester. I hope to take advantage of both.

Today, I also received my fate for the semester. It was slightly dissapointing in that I won't have long weekends to travel as I'd hope. But I think I`m less dissapointed by this now than I would have been several weeks ago. And I only say this because I am genuinly excited about the courses I do get to take. Monday: "Significant Surfaces: Photographic Modes and Meanings" Tuesday: "Print and Textiles". Especially excited for this because it is a hands on, all day course where I will be creating textiles. This is something I wouldn't have the opportunity to do back at SDSU and well, I could say the same with all of these courses. Friday: "Altered States: the Irrational in Visual Culture" and "Designing the Modern World."


    Bring the pringles and wine tradition back to SD! Emily and I just got done reading all of your blogs and want you to know that we're praying for you and think of you constantly!
    Your encounters sound amazing and we cannot wait to sit down with you and hear first hand of everything!
    Keep on smiling and be open to everything that is to come your way over there!!
    Much love my dear!

    Ellen & Emily